Celebrities who have spoken about not being 'Latina enough'

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

There seems to be a delusion that all Latina's have the same features, talk and behave the same way. There's also this misconception that as Latina’s, we must all speak Spanish fluently and be chefs in the kitchen... and if you don’t, well then you’re just not Latina enough to some... imagine that.

The reality is that there's not one way to be Latina, and that’s the beauty of it! We come in all shapes, sizes and colours! We are truly, beautifully diverse.

Some celebrities have also hit back to comments that have referred to them as not being Latina enough.

Lala Anthony told Latina that people are constantly asking 'You speak Spanish? You’re Puerto Rican?' The industry hasn’t been thinking outside the box when it comes to Latina women. We come in all colours. She explained how her grandfather was dark and from Puerto Rico, but his brother had blond hair and blue eyes. There are so many different shades, and I think Hollywood has yet to realise that.

Back in 2015 Adrienne Houghton Bailon responded to comments about not being Latina enough. On the Real, she stated ‘we’ve got first, second and third generation of Latinos that don’t speak the language but that doesn’t make them any less proud of the cultura’. As a 17 year old watching that, I really felt it, couldn’t have said it any better myself!

On Instagram, Becky G explained that when she does try to speak Spanish, people come for her because she can't express herself like a native speaker, and thanked her parents for encouraging her to speak Spanish.

Similarly, Eva Longoria told EFE ‘It's very difficult to live in our community if you don't speak Spanish - everyone will judge you'.

During an interview with Glamour, Zoe SaldanaI shared that she is proud to be Latina. She will not accept anyone telling her any less.

Camilla Mendes Has also stated the facts. During an interview with People, she said ‘I am Latina, so how are you going to tell me that I don’t look Latina?’

These fierce ladies have really clapped back and we did not expect any less from them.

You are Latina Enough and people cannot tell you any different. Embrace what you have and who you are. These comments did not stop these ladies from going for their dreams and being successful women, who just happen to be blessed by being Latina.

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